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Debunking the Top 4 Myths of Outsourcing

There are strong opinions about outsourcing parts of your business, both positive and negative. Some myths have developed around outsourcing that prevent business owners from looking at it as an effective tool for their businesses, but these misconceptions don’t need to be a barrier to success. By dispelling outsourcing myths, we can create greater understanding and open up new possibilities for companies.

You can realize tremendous benefits when you entrust your needs to an outside professional. Don't be misled by myths about outsourcing. Make your business successful by allowing skilled professionals to create a sense of trust and confidence for you.

Myth #1 - The cost of outsourcing is too high

The idea that outsourcing is too costly or isn't worth the cost is one myth that often prevents owners from using them. Let's put an end to this myth once and for all! You can actually save money by outsourcing your technology needs.

SMG's model allows for each level to push work down to the lowest level of competency, so each consultant focuses on what they are best at and is as efficient with their time as possible. You wouldn’t want your CIO responding to a call about a password reset or your CFO working on a simple invoice.

By working with experts who can help streamline your technology processes and identify areas of waste, you'll be able to make smarter decisions for your business and ultimately improve your bottom line. Plus, with the versatility of outsourced solutions, you can customize your package to fit your specific needs and budget. By outsourcing your technology needs, you not only save money, but you save the most valuable resource of all, TIME.

Myth #2 - Outsourcing causes a loss of control

It is a myth that outsourcing your technology needs will result in a loss of control. You can gain even more control over your business by outsourcing your technology solutions With technology solutions providers, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Having a right-hand leader with a unique perspective on your business's technology health and operations will benefit you greatly. Moreover, you will have more time to dedicate to the things that are truly important. While outsourcing may feel like a step away from control, it is actually just a way to strengthen that control and grow your business confidently.

Myth #3 - Outsourcing means less confidentiality

It's understandable to be concerned about outsourcing your technology. SMG's approach to outsourcing actually improves confidentiality by implementing stringent protocols and security measures.

Additionally, outsourcing your technology provides you with greater control and transparency over your company's data. Regular reporting and updates keep you informed and in control of your technology. Despite your concerns about confidentiality, outsourcing can truly enhance your security and provide you with peace of mind.

Myth #4 - Only large companies outsource

Today, outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among small and mid-sized companies as they turn toward cost-effective, high-quality technology solutions. By outsourcing technology solutions, businesses of all sizes save time and resources that can be invested in growing their business and improving customer service.

Whether you're a small start-up or an established mid-sized company, outsourcing your technology can be immensely beneficial, providing you with greater flexibility, reliable data, and time to dedicate to the things that matter most.

Engage SMG to be your technology provider

Whatever your size, budget, or requirements, our team is committed to helping you reach success with security, efficiency, and accuracy. We understand the potential for achieving the near impossible when it comes to cost savings and performance enhancement. So don't hesitate—let us help you leverage your technology and take your business to its fullest potential.

Reach out to our sales team and discover our approach: (563) 445-6402 |


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