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Master the art of toner usage with these pro tips

Who knew a little toner TLC could save you the big bucks? By regularly keeping tabs on your toner usage, you'll never be caught off-guard by surprise expenses or run out of supplies mid-print. It also allows you to identify any potential issues with your printer or copier that may be causing excessive toner consumption.

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Master the art of toner usage with these pro tips

Keeping tabs on your toner usage also means you can order new cartridges with confidence, knowing you're getting the best bang for your buck. And, let's not forget about the planet! By being mindful of your toner habits, you can help reduce office waste and do your part in preserving our lovely planet. So, go ahead and show your toner some love - it's the small steps that make a big difference.

Tip #1 - Check the office's shelf toner inventory

As we near the end of the year, make sure you know where your extra toner is so you can utilize those cartridges. Ensuring everyone in the office knows where to find the shelf toner can also avoid stress or rushed service requests.

Tip #2 - Proper cartridge storage

To ensure their longevity, store your cartridges at room temperature within their original packaging, and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

Tip #3 - Get the most out of your toner before disposing

Don’t change your toner until it is totally depleted. A little bit of toner goes a long way - sometimes even a few months! When you get an alert, it is a great time to find your shelf toner to have on hand.

Tip #5 - Be mindful of your print settings

Reduce your print expenses without compromising quality. Choose black and white or grayscale and switch to eco-friendly fonts like Century Gothic or Ecofont to save on toner.


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Blog written by Kelsey Watson

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