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No business owner or IT manager says to themselves, “I need print management software.” Instead, they know they have particular printing problems that they want to solve. They just don’t know how to solve them. That’s where print management comes in.

Print management provides IT teams with a birds-eye view of printing behaviors. You can analyze who is printing what, when, and where; to better understand your printing environment. This ensures all printing is secure, reliable, and sustainable.

User behavior insights

Shared printers can increase your security risk. Print management protects your documents before, during, and after you hit ‘Print’. Print management provides advanced security features so your confidentiality is in tact and your data pathways remain compliant while reducing your printing footprint.

Document & print security

Print management helps cut costs and shrink print spending. Default duplex or black/white policies instantly save you money. Once you’ve attained visibility of your print environment, you can control your document output with little to no waste.

Shrink bills, save money

Thoughtless printing isn't just a financial impact; it’s harmful to the planet, too. There is an increasing demand for businesses to operate sustainably. Print management empowers your organization to help save the planet.

Reduce your carbon footprint

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