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At SMG, we understand the critical role that structured cabling plays in optimizing connectivity and efficiency for businesses, organizations, and government entities alike.


Through our donation program, we donate pre-owned technology to non-profit organizations in our local communities.

Structured cabling designs serve as the backbone of modern business operations, offering a comprehensive framework for transmitting data, voice, alarms, video, and signals across networks with unparalleled security and reliability.


      Simplified Organization: Consolidate devices and IT equipment into a unified            system for streamlined management and efficient troubleshooting.

      Reduced Downtime: Minimize connectivity issues and disruptions to                            productivity with swift problem identification and resolution.

      Scalability: Seamlessly accommodate future applications and evolving                      business needs with high bandwidth capabilities.

      Improved Flexibility: Experience agility in adjusting, adding, or relocating                    network components to enhance performance and support growth.

      Simplified Management: Enjoy hassle-free network management with clear              cable labeling and simplified troubleshooting processes.


Through our donation program, we donate pre-owned technology to non-profit organizations in our local communities.

Solutions Management Group (SMG) is thrilled for the successful acquisition of Structured Cabling Specialist, a renowned provider of network cabling solutions based in Tipton, Iowa.


Structured Cabling Specialist brings to the table a wealth of experience and proficiency in designing, implementing, and maintaining robust network infrastructure solutions. Their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction aligns with SMG's core values, making them an ideal addition to the SMG team. The integration of Structured Cabling Specialist's capabilities into SMG's portfolio will undoubtedly enhance the value proposition offered to our clients.


As SMG moves forward with this acquisition, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions, exceptional service, and unparalleled value to its clients. The focus is on ensuring a seamless integration process, leveraging the collective expertise of both teams to drive continued growth and success in today's dynamic marketplace.

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