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Your employees can’t work if your technology isn’t working: How MSPs benefit your business

What are MSPs? Small businesses looking for technology outsourcing options can use managed service providers. A managed service provider is a third-party company that manages a customer's end-user systems.

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How MSPs benefit your business

How MSPs benefit your business, you might ask? As your infrastructure complexity increases and it gets harder and harder to find and retain in-house, skilled IT professionals, it’s no wonder leaders are turning to outsourcing. Your IT team can focus on more important projects with the help of a managed service provider.managed service provider can help alleviate the day-to-day workload and give your IT team time to focus on more important projects, while providing you with foundational 24x7 monitoring and management.

Tip #1 - It's a proactive solution

An effective MSP prevents technical issues from occurring. IT elements like hardware, applications, and security are continuously monitored so that you're notified when things go wrong. MSPs can also stay on top of the lifecycle of your technology, so you know when it's time to upgrade. In the end, you're paying someone to prevent problems instead of fixing them.

Tip #2 - Access to premium tools without the cost of ownership

Due to lack of training, time, or personnel, robust infrastructure monitoring solutions are often underutilized. IT teams invest in best-in-class tools with good intentions. In order to get value from these tools, integration, training, and time are necessary. In the midst of other responsibilities, tooling ramp-up often falls to the wayside.

Managed service providers assume responsibility for acquiring and maintaining the most effective infrastructure tools on your behalf, and provide highly experienced talent to deploy and maintain them.

Tip #3 - Offers technology expertise

Businesses that use one computer person for all things IT are likely to lack expertise across the board. Although they may be adept at troubleshooting an application in Adobe, what do you do when your printer suddenly stops working? MSPs have skilled personnel dedicated to all technical functions. This usually means they’re better equipped all around.

Tip #4 - Ensures business continuity

The increasing number of daily tasks and tickets to maintain may result in changes and upgrades being initiated ad hoc and undocumented. A knowledge gap occurs after an employee leaves, leaving you in the dark about the details of the environment. Continuity can be assured by a reliable managed services provider implementing standard procedures and documenting changes along the way.

Engage SMG to be your managed services provider

If you find your business frequently leaning on technical support, or you’re spending too much time trying to fix issues yourself, an MSP may be your ideal solution. Your IT team should work smarter, not harder. Solutions Management Group might be the right choice if you need help evaluating your current state. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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